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Tax Preparation Services

At Nationwide Numbers, tax preparation and consultation is only a fraction of the services we offer to our communities. From individual tax preparation to business tax preparation all the way through tax legalities, rest assured you will benefit from our teamís wealth of knowledge in the seemingly daunting tax industry. We offer free estimates, audit protection, and exhaust all efforts to maximize your tax refund! When it comes to taxes, your confidence and peace of mind is our priority.

Credit Building & Restoration Services

As an entrepreneur, did you know you have a unique opportunity to build, maintain and acquire credit both individually and as a business owner? As a Nationwide Numbers Financial Service Specialist, we can engineer you and your business to be built for credit. Our credit experts simultaneously dispute each negative item with a hand written dispute letter to the Creditors, the Credit Bureaus, and the FTC. In many cases, we will not get a response, which automatically qualifies the negative to be deleted. In other cases, one or the other target will be the right one to grant our requests and call for the elimination of the negatives. This 3-Way Dispute method is much more effective than the One-Way or Two-Way Methods used by the vast majority of Credit Repair Companies out there. With over 20 years of industry experience, Nationwide Numbers will teach you the Five Cís of Credit: Character, Credit, Collateral, Cash Flow, and Capacity. We will structure your company to reflect an established organization operating with a generous financial profile. Donít let negative items hold you back. Our unique, proprietary system gets negative items off your Credit FAST!

Capital Funding Services for Individuals and Businesses

One of Americaís most beautiful benefits is her economy! It is designed to be a limitless benefit for those with proper financial education. Nationwide Numbers uses time tested business strategies to maximize your potential. One of those strategies is the 3 Rounds of Funding and the Leverage Buyout.

Round 1
Personal Funding

Our goal is to get you funding in as little as 10 days upon application submission. We complete & manage all credit card applications for you! All you need to do is provide any simple documentation lenders may request, such as utility bill, bank statement, etc. Weíll take care of the rest!

Round 2
Personal Guarantee/Corporate Funding

Now that you are personally funded and credit-ready, we can now move to the next level: Corporate Funding. The Corporate Funding cycle can take anywhere from 30-45 days. As with round one, we will complete and manage all credit card applications for you.

Round 3
Corporate Credit/Non-Personal Guarantee

With the combined power of personal and corporate funding now available, you are ready to enter the final stage of the 3-round cycle and receive unsecured funding. Upon executing this final round, you are placed in a position to effectively execute business on a superior level.

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